Thursday, March 21, 2013

Motor Home Massacre (2005)

A group of friends load into an old RV and head out to a campsite to party for the weekend.  On the way they stop at a gas station where the clerk tells them the back story and provides so much exposition that by the time they leave it's night. Either that or there's no one doing continuity on this film since it was day when they stopped.

The gang finds a camping spot and get ready to party when the Sheriff shows up to investigate a murder.  Since everyone is a suspect and they're in the park, they are unable to leave unless he gives them the okay.  And that's a shame since there's a killer on the loose and these kids are so dumb that they're easy pickings.

Okay, there is definitely continuity problems with this movie.  At one point one of the guys (can't remember which one) puts on a shirt, tie and sweater vest.  He gets in the van wearing the tie and sweater vest.  He goes outside to look for his friends and it's gone. He goes back inside, it's on again.

Watch for the wrinkle in the machete and be prepared for no explanation for everything that just occurred. Also this is listed as a horror comedy, but there's no way to tell while you're watching it because it's not funny.  So that's a big problem.  No satisfaction, indeed.

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