Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Autopsy (2008)

Five friends crash their car on an isolated road after a night of partying at Mardi Gras.  An ambulance just happens to show up after they discover they've hit a man wearing a hospital gown.  The ambulance transports them to the nearest hospital.

The ER is oddly quiet which the Nurse explains is due to budget cuts which caused them to lay off many of the staff.  While that might explain the dearth of activity where they are, the entire hospital seems to be deserted.

When they are directed to their exam rooms - which oddly  enough are three floors up and down the hall - they see no signs of life on their way there.  Also there is no doctor waiting or any noise from other rooms.  Yet none are suspicious.

Ultimately it's kind of boring, plus how can I not take issue with the scene where the phone in the ER rings and one of the girls answers it because the RN is away. Argh!!  What? Why!? It's the Emergency Room!  You don't answer the phone.  What is wrong with you?

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