Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Passed the Door to Darkness (2008)

A serial killer is setting booby traps to kill his victims.  The killer sets up the trap and when the victims loved ones open the door, kapow. Not only is your family member dead, but you unknowingly caused it by opening the door.  Brutal.

Malloy, a new detective in homicide is assigned to the case. He's working with Mac, an old detective that he looks up to and has requested as his partner for this assignment.

Mac's wife was killed when she went into a liquor store to buy some beer for his drunken ass. So Mac feels guilty and responsible for her death. He is estranged from his daughter Laura. Blah blah blah, stereotypical plot point.

The killer has a hat just like the older detective. No one else in the film has a hat. Oversight or red herring?

Sometimes when they speak, the last word or words echo. It's super annoying. Stop the echoing!!

Honestly when I saw the title, I thought for sure they had misspelled Past as Passed.  Such as "we walked past the door to darkness." But the final lines in the film does start, "Strange, is it not, that of the myriads who before us passed the door of darkness through...."  Sadly enough, this makes me dislike this film more. At least there could have been a horrible mistake in the title to provide some amusement.

Ridiculous dialogue:

"You don't want to damage any evidence we could use to catch this bastard... Drop the head."

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