Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blood Dinner (1987)

Brothers Michael and George dig up their Uncle Anwar, steal his brain, and revive it.  They keep the brain in the back of their vegetarian cafe where they serve meals made from human bodies.  As children, the brothers were brainwashed by Anwar  and want to help him resurrect the goddess Sheetar.

Anwar informs them they must construct the goddess from body parts of women of questionable character. Once this task is completed, they can bring her to life by sacrificing a virgin at a Lumerian blood buffet.

The best death is the rough looking lady who is battered and then has her head deep fried.  She pops out of the fryer with what appears to be a donut hole for a head and staggers around the restaurant.

There's another amusing scene where George is driving the van and listening to strange music. He runs over a biker, but sees in the rear view that he's still walking.  He backs up and tries again. The guys still not dead. He keeps running him over repeatedly and enjoying every second of it.

Michael is the smart brother while George is a bit off. George likes wrestling and decides to take on wrestler Jimmy Hitler at the local ring on the night of the blood buffet.

There's mind control, murder, music played by a band of Hitler look-a-likes in white face, and one of the zombies is Jared Chandler whose claim to semi-fame is he was one of the New Monkees, (the 1980s remake of the 1960s show).  He has a pompadour and as he eats the gross intestine soup, his make up gets rubbed off around his mouth.

Even with all this going on, I was a bit bored sometimes.  It's essentially an updated remake of Blood Feast.

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