Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fear Island (2009)

A group of friends go to an island for a weekend of partying.  A girl they didn't invite and don't really know shows up. But do they turn her away?  Nope, come on in, strange chick.

Soon people are dying. Is it the strange chick? An unknown mystery person hiding on the island?  The creepy caretaker?  One of the friends there to party? Who? What? How?

Told by the only survivor whose face is too big for her head - it's not from an accident or anything that happened, but the more you stare at her, the more all you can see is her massive face.

The detective and doctor argue about whether she's the killer or has amnesia.  The psychiatrist says she's in shock but the detective doesn't buy it. Then he hears her story and starts to feel sorry for the sad little big faced girl, while the psychiatrist starts thinking there are some holes in her story. Oh my! Don't they know how to solve a crime?  You've got to work together people.

It's cliched and you won't care about the characters. It's made for TV so if you're looking for lots of blood, you won't find it here.

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