Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monsters (2010)

A photographer is told to accompany his bosses daughter from Mexico to the US to get her back to safety.  Part of Mexico has become an infected zone and the US has worked to keep the massive aliens (from outer space) from tromping into the US.

Through a series of bad luck and stupidity, the two miss the last ferry out of the country and must travel in questionable conditions by truck, boat, and foot after bribing officials again to help them.  And no one wants to travel at this time because it's the time of year when the monsters are on the move.

Honestly, what was he thinking? There are giant aliens running around. There's one ferry out of town.  If you don't make it, you're stuck there for six months. You've paid $500 to get tickets.  Your next choice?  Get some rest? Wait nervously to make sure you don't miss it when it leaves?  No. How about getting drunk and hooking up with a Mexican prostitute who steals your passports, effectively stranding you in the infected zone?  Yes, I'll take option B.

The movie was well done, but I wasn't that enthralled by it.  However my friends really liked it.

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