Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Piranha Piranha (1972)

With double the piranha in the title, you'd think there'd be a whole hell of a lot of killer fish in it.  But you would be wrong because there's none. None piranha.  Oh there's a mention of deadly piranha... once.  And when someone falls into the water in the last ten minutes of the movie, there is something that might be a fish in the churning brown water.  But that's all you're gonna get.

The basic story is Terry, who has a photography grant, and her brother Art, who wants to see diamond mines, go to South America and hire Jim as a guide.  While at a bar, they meet Caribe, a hunter who isn't to be trusted.

Most of the movie is padding.  There are scenes of birds flying, the cast riding motorbikes, jungle scenery and animals, bike racing, fighting, and diamond mining.  Then repeat for more padding.

There is no dialogue in at least half the movie. When there is dialogue you'll be wishing they were saying something interesting.  You won't care about the characters so when Caribe, aka the piranha, turns nasty, you're left thinking "well at least I don't have to hear any more boring dialogue from that person."

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