Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cutting Class (1989)

After being released from a mental hospital, Brian Woods is back at school. Brian was locked up for a few years after being convicted of cutting the brake lines on his fathers car.  Brian says he's not a killer, which the kids at school have no chance of ever believing due to Brian being super creepy with a bad haircut.

Paula is the object of Brian's creepy affection.  She's dating Dwight, played by a baby faced Brad Pitt, who is a member of the  basketball team and something of a rebel.  Dwight and Brian used to be best friends. But Dwight isn't interested in hanging out with him anymore, especially since Brian always seems to be stalking his girlfriend. Oh and there was that insane killer thing also.

When people at school start dying, Brian is the obvious suspect but he insists he's innocent.  So is it Dwight, the pervy principal (played by the always fantastic Roddy McDowell), the creepy janitor, or a stranger who just happened to pick this high school where a recently released crazy killer has been sent back into society to try to get along with his peers who think he's a freak? There are twists and turns throughout this standard slasher.

There's nothing special unless you want to watch a young Brad Pitt or Donovan's creepy eyed stare.

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