Saturday, May 11, 2013

Followed Home (2010)

Some twenty somethings go on vacation to Big Bear. After a day of drinking and fun, a bloody girl shows up saying someone is trying to kill her.

They load her in their car and head to the hospital, but the girl doesn't make it.  This puts a damper on the weekend and they all go home.  Too bad they got involved because now the killer has dun dun dah - followed them home.

They're all depressed and traumatized, especially Lauren. Every time she thinks about Sam, her thoughts go to the bloody stab-y dead girl.  So she decides to dump him.  Geez, how about some therapy or give it some time?.... Wait he's 24, but she's still living with her parents? How old is this girl?  Anyway, Sam is officially dumped and not surprisingly, bitter.

Gargh! Don't worry Sam. Since the killers in town, he'll be happy to resolve your problem.

Another movie where there's no doubt as to why it ended up on a $5 bargain bin horror collection.

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