Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hell (2011)

Hell is one of those movies that shows up on my doorstep and I have no idea when or why I decided to put it in my queue.  So I didn't know anything about it other than the brief description from Netflix going into it, which ratcheted up the tension.

After a change in the Suns temperature, the Earth has become a difficult place to live.  If you go out in the sun, you'll cook to death.  The land is dry and dusty, and food and water are scarce commodities.  So is gas. Those who are lucky enough to have vehicles need to use something to block out the windows to keep the sun out.

Sisters Marie and Leonie are traveling together with Philip in his car.  They're heading toward the mountains since they've heard there is still water there. There is a small hole  in the carboard taped over the windshield so Philip can see the road.  The sisters have hooked up with Philip because it is useful to have a man for protection and strength.

When they stop at a gas station to look for gas, water, and food, they meet Tom as he steals from the  back of their car.  The four make an uneasy truce as each has something the other wants. They set off together with Philips plan to ditch Tom at the first chance after he is no longer useful.

But Tom turns out to be loyal to his new companions and becomes more important when Leonie is kidnapped.  Marie is adamant about rescueing her younger sister. Tom is all in, but Philip shows his true colors as he is more concerned about himself.

Once of the things I wondered while watching this, is that you never know who you can trust, especially in difficult times.  Sometimes people seem shifty but it's based on self preservation and not knowing if they can trust you.  Other times people seem nice, but it's a ruse. They're trying to earn your trust so they can get you off guard because they want something from you.

I liked this one. I think it probably works best if you have no expectations going into it. Also the film is German and apparently Hell is the German word for Bright.

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