Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dinner with a Vampire (1987)

A cena col vampiro 

A famous horror director holds auditions and chooses four young people for his next project.  A limo picks them up and takes them to a mystery location which turns out to be a castle, but a mishap makes him unavailable until midnight.

The group are told to make themselves at home. They talk about how they each hope he'll make them a star and wonder when he'll arrive.  But shortly after they relax, a mystery woman appears and tells them that the castle is a chamber of horrors. Then she disappears.

It turns out that they've been brought to the castle, not for a film but for a vampire. The only way to leave alive is to kill the vampire before dawn.  And in a twist, the vampire hopes they will because he's tired of this life.

The castle and it's interior are incredible.

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