Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day (1999)

In honor of Memorial Day, I thought I'd watch this.  It really could have been called anything, but it's the only movie I can think of that references this holiday.

Rachel and her annoying friends head up to the lake for the weekend.  Her friends decide they should go to the lake where Rachel's adopted brother died three years ago so Rachel can get over it.  But they want to be sensitive about it so they take her to the opposite side of the lake.

Rachel feels guilty that she couldn't help her brother. But her boyfriend Leo keeps telling her it wasn't her fault. She was asleep and her friends were out on the the lake and drunk.  So it was a horrible accident and stop with the guilt already and get ready to party.

While everyone is telling stories around the campfire, idiot Seth goes back to the cabin to catch Letterman on his portable TV.  As he's trying to get reception, he sees a news story about two of their friends who have been murdered. Guess that explains why they never showed up.

Seth stumbles back to the group and tells them the news and the killings begin.  Is it one of their own?  Is it someone else lurking in the woods?  Why does the killer wear a paper mache mask?  Where'd he pick up the old guy with the tie?  Why are innocent people being killed even though the killer is out for revenge?  Why the obvious plot holes? You probably won't care because the acting isn't that great and the ending is pretty lame.

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