Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Fun Park (2007)

Bobo the crazy murderous clown escapes from jail and gets a job at a fun park 18 miles away.  Seems like the obvious place to look for a killer clown, but oh well.

The park is closed, but our intrepid teens decide to take a detour on their road trip and sneak in.  When they're caught by security, the guard lets them go and threatens not to return.  He also states, "No ones been around here since 27 years now since they closed it down."  So, it's been closed 27 years?  Then why is the electricity still on in the arcade?  And why are the video games and pinball machines plugged in, working and free from dust?

After they drive off, they realize they left their camera in the arcade.  One suggests they find the guard since he told them not to come back.  The others think it will be quicker to just go in  and find the camera. It works out about as well as you'd expect.

You'd think they'd be quiet while sneaking in, but nope.  Also it should be easy to find their camera since there is a light source on it, but nope.  And you'd think they'd notice their friend was still inside the arcade when they shut the door, but nope.

Of course, kids will be kids and killer clowns will be killers. And they're on a collision course with wackiness, which in this case turns out to be tied up in the basement, mouths taped shut, and wearing a Bobo tshirt.  Yeah, it's not wacky at all. In fact, it gets annoying and tedious as there seems to be twenty minutes without dialogue where the killer looks at them, moves around slowly and contemplates his next task.

Oh and if your boyfriend is being murdered and you get free, please help the freakin' guy before you stop to take the tape of your mouth, and remove your Bobo tshirt!  Seriously? Shouldn't you be more concerned about someone elses life than your appearance?

It says this is based on a true story, but since there isn't any info provided, I have no idea if that's true. And in the extras we have this gem from one of the actresses:

  • "Rick has an incredible ability to see something in his head and to be able to recreate it on film. I haven't seen what we've shot on film yet, but I know he's getting what he wants. It's amazing."


Tina Speece said...

I can solve the mystery of the "in perfect condition arcade even after 27 years" mystery: clearly the security guard is making the best of his crappy job with unlimited skeeball.

Chris Jart said...

Of course! It's so obvious. What else is he going to do there other than wait for trespassers to kill?