Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rodentz (2001)

Lab assistant Walter is helping Professor Irwin with his experiments, which involve injecting something brightly colored into rats.  The Professor's lab is in an old building off campus, which doesn't bode well for his ethics or the validity of his research.

When Walter dumps some chemicals down the drain (really, Walter?), the liquid leaks from the pipes onto the floor in the basement. This is unfortunate since some rodent escapees just happen to be in the cellar and get into the leak.

All hell breaks loose as herds of CGI rats pour out of the walls every time someone goes into the basement, and chase the guys  until they overtake him and chow down on him.  Well, actually it's just real rats meandering around on people, but the running mass is CGI.  None of it looks all that threatening.

A van full of Walters stupid friends show up and push their way into the building after Walters girlfriend distracts him. Yeah, that's right - it's party time.  But when they discover one of Walters subjects has muscled his way through the bars and run off, Walter refuses to have fun until they've found the escapee.

The group splits up to look for the rat, with each group going to a different floor. Yeah.... keep in mind that they're looking for a freakin' rat in a four story building. This ought to be easy.

Surprisingly they not only find the herd of rats but also a mutant 300 pound human sized rat, which is really a guy is a mangy looking rat costume which probably looks worse than I thought since it's really hard to get a good look at it.

Also not sure if they realized this but a giant rat on top of a van trying to kill a human just looks like an an exterminators truck when driving down the road.

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