Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Lure: Teen Fight Club (2010)

When a number of teenage girls disappear over a period of months, the police assign female detective  Maggie to go undercover and pose as a high school student.  The police aren't anywhere near to solving the case, but they figure she can protect the girls. But Maggie actually solves the case by getting hit in the face with a shovel and  kidnapped by a gang of freaky weirdos intent on... well the title tells you right where this one is going.  Way to go, Maggie!

Maggie was a star field hockey player so she joins the team and ticks off the popular girls. As in many high school films, the most popular girl in school humiliates and bullies her friends, and treats everyone else even worse. This begs the eternal question, why the hell is this bitch popular?

So when the popular girls ask Maggie for a ride to a rave (since none of them have a way to get to there), Maggie says sure.  Too bad no one realizes that their invitations were switched out by the creepy janitor. So the girls end up in the middle of a park where a gang of creeps eventually grabs them, and throws them in tiny cages in a barn where they'll stay until they are brought out to the ring of the teen girl fight club. Yes, it's the underground club where grown business men can bet thousands of dollars on teen girls with shock collars and lingerie. The fights last hundreds of seconds so not sure why they'd waste their money, but then again, I'm not some pathetic wretch watching a teen fight club.

The film is pretty stupid, but it looks professional.  So I guess it's got that going for it, but that's about it.

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