Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bloody Mary (2006)

Oh boy, another movie about Bloody Mary.  Look in the mirror, say her name, oh god why did I do that, now I'm dead.  That pretty much sums up every Bloody Mary movie you'll ever see.

But this one changes things up a little bit by adding a tunnel, an insane asylum, and a stupid detective.  Not enough of a change if you've watched any other Bloody Mary movies, unless you have a desire to see every Bloody Mary movie in existence - in which case, enjoy.

I don't know what these nursing students who work at the local asylum are doing, but one is forced to disrobe completely, go into the tunnels under the asylum, find the room with the mirror, and call Bloody Mary.

As you'd expect when you call a killer ghoul, things go horribly wrong. As the poor girl reaches up for her friends hands, she is  dragged back into the tunnel and never seen again.  Instead of reporting this or trying to get help, the girls decide to cover it up since they are afraid of psycho mean girl Jenna who says she got what she deserved.

Soon the missing girls sister, who happens to be a reporter, is in town investigating her disappearance. But luckily for the nursing students, she's working with an incredibly stupid detective who seems to think that she's trying to show him up if she has an independent thought or theory about her sisters disappearance.

When she mentions she heard her sister was playing the mirror game, the detective scoffs that it's probably some hippie thing (?!?) that has nothing to do with her sister.  When she mentions they found her sisters bracelet in the tunnels, he says it's not big deal (even though we've been told the tunnels have been closed for years and are off limits to patients and staff).  It all basically boils down to the detective going, "Oh you think you're so smart.  You're just a stupid woman. I'm a cop."

And I don't know who runs this asylum, but it's got to be the worst asylum of this century.  Patients wander around at night and unsupervised. Orderlies bargain for the rights to take advantage of the patients.  And let's talk about Scooter - when he's asked to take care of a patient, he replies "I'm on a break" and makes a call on his phone.  Oddly enough, later when Scooter decides to leave town due to fear of Bloody Mary, he gets a call asking him to come in immediately for a double shift. And all of a sudden, he can't say no (even though he says yes begrudgingly). Why is he all of a sudden responsible? He's been a tool the whole movie.

The most ridiculous part is when the Doc suddenly decides he should take care of things, even though no one suspects he has any involvement in anything going on.  It prompts numerous questions, such as:
  • Why did he he ever mention Bloody Mary? How about pleading ignorance?
  • Why did he insist on going into the tunnels?
  • Why didn't he use misdirection to point her sister to someone else? It's an asylum full of lunatics. Blame one of them and set them up. You've already got people wandering around unsupervised.
  • Why is an eyeball collection kept in a cabinet at the asylum? Shouldn't you hide that better?
  • Why didn't he let the detective leave?  The detective already stated he didn't believe the sisters theory, didn't care if the doc could find the paperwork in question, and said he couldn't wait to leave, so why not just let the guy leave? The detective is an idiot! He doesn't suspect a thing. Let him go or people will start looking for a missing detective.
Ugh, stupid movie.

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