Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Citadel (2012)

While they're moving out of their apartment, Tommy witnesses a violent attack on his pregnant wife which leaves her in a coma and causes labor to be induced.

Nine months later, Tommy is still suffering from agoraphobia and flinching at the slightest sound or the sight of an unexpected visitor, especially when they are children in hoodies as that is who attacked his wife.  So I don't get the best feeling when the hospital decides it's time for Tommy to be released. He's free to take his baby back to the same neighborhood, which seems odd based on his continued trauma, and especially since he's recently had to make the decision to take his comatose wife off life support.

Tommy's afraid of his own shadow and that first night he sees and hears children outside the house. He also suspects thinks he sees them inside.  The next day a sympathetic nurse tries to help him face his fears by providing emotional support and reiterating some advice from his therapy sessions - stop looking like a victim since  fear is palpable.

But the children in hoodies seem to be everywhere, waiting to attack Tommy and anyone who knows him.  So when his baby disappears, Tommy decides he has to act and his child is more important than his fear. He enlists the help of a local man who knows where the children live and they both head out to the abandoned high rise in search of Tommy's child.

This is not your typical horror movie as it's more about atmosphere than flat out scares or gore. I liked it, but wasn't too fond of the ending.

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