Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Camp Blood 2 (2000)

A year after the murder of her friends at Camp Blood, Trisha is approached by Milligan, a filmmaker who wants her to be an advisor on the movie he is making about the murders.  Trisha is a ward of the state and still locked in a padded room so it doesn't seem the best option for her mental health.  But next thing you know Trisha is released and working on the film.  No one shall question how Milligan was able to gain official custody of Trisha or why the Doctors at the asylum would release her.

On the first day of shooting, Trisha is surprised to find out that they are going to the actual sight of the murders and camping there overnight. Oh yeah, that sounds like a great idea, especially since you had to spring her from the nuthouse and police blame her for the murders. Again, no one shall question why a woman who is believed to be a mass murderer is able to get out of a mental institution.

The camera guy thinks it's funny to dress up in a clown mask and jump out at her.  The weird thing is that everyone thinks Trisha is over reacting rather than wondering why the guy is such a dick. But to be fair Trisha, or more accurately her psychiatrist, doesn't have seem to have thought this through since she's going to be seeing fake blood and a clown mask at the murder scene. Of course they don't even get through the first night without something going horribly wrong, and we're off on the murder express.

Be prepared for a recap of the first movie, more bad running by our lead actress, some strange sound effects, and an incredibly obvious killer. This might be worse than the first movie.

What a clown sees from the inside of his mask
Sight of the murder? Clown mask? Time to run.
Yeah, still need to work on that running style
The scariest thing in the movie - drawn on eyebrows 
Always good to have exposed wires and electrical
outlets in a padded cell... that isn't padded
Are we not supposed to notice that the psychiatric hospital...
...appears to be the same place she stays once released? 
No one shall ask why Trisha doesn't notice the new actress
looks just like the guide from her deadly camping trip

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