Friday, October 4, 2013

The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue (2013)

A few years after inheriting their mothers apartment building, brothers Marion and Jarmon have lost most of their tenants, are stealing electricity from the church next door, and now pets in their building are going missing.  This is little more than an irritant due to the tenants complaints until they run into a creature in the hallway absconding with one of the tenants dogs.

When the creature, who they determine is a Mole Man, disappears into the duct work, the brothers try to figure out what to do with this unexpected problem.  They don't want the police involved due to the multiple code violations, and the prohibition era bar still functioning in the basement, (although no one ever goes there anymore).

They decide to resolve the issue themselves, which is a really bad idea since their plan to stock up on pets at a local humane shelter goes horribly wrong, and the Mole Man graduates to bigger prey.  There are a fair amount of scenes with a group of stoners and Robert Englund has a small role as a tenant.

This horror comedy falls into that zone where the comedy usually falls flat and there really isn't any horror.  It's well shot,  but it seems to go on forever.  A friend of mine described it best - if this was done by one of your friends or some local filmmaker, you'd think it was pretty good.

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