Thursday, October 24, 2013

I, Madman (1989)

Virginia works in a used bookstore and loves reading old horror pulps. The problem is when she reads them, she gets scared and has to call her detective boyfriend to come over and stay with her.  Well, I guess that's not really a problem.

After reading a book by Malcolm Brand, Virginia becomes obsessed with locating the other book he's written.  She can't find the one the store just got in an estate sale, but when she finds it  outside her apartment door, she assumes it was left there by her friend Mona who works at the store also.

Soon Virginia finds that not only is she scared of what she's reading, but she believes she is seeing the protagonist in real life.  Since he's a guy with a scarf covering his face, and a missing nose and mouth, he shouldn't be hard to identify.

Then she notices that after she reads a chapter in the book, someone she knows dies in the same manner.  As if that isn't bad enough, the ultimate goal of the protagonist is in getting the missing parts of his face, attaching them, and trying to win the heart of the girl he loves, who he believes is Virginia.

The police think Virginia is crazy and who wouldn't? So her boyfriend is totally embarrassed, especially since Virginia keeps trying to convince them there are going to be more murders and they're all committed by the same person, who has been coming into her apartment. Hooo boy, yeah, we're getting nowhere with this chick.

This is a neat little movie and the make up is decent. The sewn together face is gross and there is a claymation monster.  The scariest thing about this movie is that Virginia works in a used bookstore piled high with old highly flammable paperbacks and she smokes at work. What a nut.  

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