Saturday, October 19, 2013

Howling VI: the Freaks (1991)

How would you like to see a movie with a vampire vs. a werewolf, and it's not made for teenage girls? Sounds great, except that what you get is a a movie that's far down the Howling sequel list. So you just know it's going to be a problem.

British drifter Ian ends up in a small desert town and gets work helping the local preacher restore the church.  He stays with the family and becomes friendly with the preachers daughter Elizabeth.

When a traveling freak show comes to town, Ian and Elizabeth decide to go.  When Harker, the shows owner, sees Ian he can't put his finger on why Ian looks familiar. But after having one of the freaks trail him, Harker discovers Ian's secret and decides to make him part of the freak show.

Another Howling movie with not much werewolf in it.  There's not a lot going on in this film either.  The movie ends with a werewolf vs. vampire fight, and the vampire is ridiculous looking.  Bruce Payne is carnival owner Harker and Antonio Fargas, aka Huggy Bear, plays one of the freaks.

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