Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mr. Halloween (2006)

Rumor has it that the haunted house run by Bill Loomis, aka Mr. Halloween, uses real body parts for props.  But people aren't too concerned about it since everyone in town goes there on Halloween. The local teens get creeped out walking by his house in the daytime due to the legend. Well and also  Loomis's propensity for hostile posturing, angry psycho staring and an aura of intimidation. I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I'd ever go to the crazy, angry guys haunted house.

The town has the highest number of missing children in the country, but the Sheriff isn't all that concerned about reports of missing kids and does zero investigation into Loomis.  When Jason and Michael go missing after deciding to check out the haunt, one of their friends believes Loomis is behind it.  But she can't get anyone to believe her and soon she has disappeared as well.

This was supposedly made for $6000, and while it's not good, it's better than a number of other movies I've seen.  But keep in mind what I'm really saying is that in the pantheon of crap movies, this isn't as bad as others.   The sound is sometimes drowned out by noise, and scenes in the police station are echoey due to the room being mostly empty.   The acting is more like something you'd see in a high school play and the characters do some amazingly stupid things. To be fair, I think this movie was made by teenagers or people just out of high school so that would explain a lot.

Then there are the questions that come from the non-sensical plot points. If everyone in town goes to Mr. Halloween's haunted house, then why isn't anyone ever there?  Why aren't the town's parents up in arms about their small town having the most missing children in the entire country?  How can the Sheriff still be in office when he shows no concern that kids are missing, is skeptical when kids disappear, and even says one kid must have run away because his mom is a drunken whore? How come no one notices when one of the parents disappears?  Why does no one look into the rumors that Mr. Halloween is a serial killer? And why does the Sheriff spill the beans to Jill when he could just shoot Loomis in the head and the whole thing would be done? And how come Loomis can hear someone knock on a door when he's using his weirdo blood transfusion machine, but he can't wake up when someone walks noisily into the room and pours gasoline on him? And how could the deputy be so damn stupid?
This is a bad sign - he's only in the first few
minutes but his hair goes from short to long.
Is this even the same actor?
Exciting desk sitting action
Yes, this is the Sheriff's office, not an empty store front 
Evil John Cleese is not amused
The worst Sheriff in the world peruses the posters of
 missing teens from his town and is unconcerned

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