Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Within the Woods (2005)

Oh damn, the clown is back?  Yup, even though this is the third installment, they didn't reference Camp Blood in the title.  Well, the good news is that Trisha, our female lead in the first two, isn't in this one.

A reality show is sending a group of college students to the sight of the murders. They must spend twenty four hours there and whoever hasn't left at the end of this time period gets to split one million dollars.

The producer has placed over a dozen cameras in the woods to film their every move. Well, at least as many moves as a dozen cameras can capture in a large wooded area. In fact it often seems like people have to randomly wander off the trail to even appear on camera. Good job, guys.

Of course it's not that easy to win the million dollars since the producer and his two person crew have set up various things to spook the kids, including someone dressed as a clown.  But oh damn, the killer clown is back and he don't take kindly to people imitating him or kids fornicating in his killing spot.  Why do kids in movies always want to have sex at the exact spot of some horrible murder? Weird. Another question is that since one of the guys has a black belt in Aikido, why can't he beat up a slow moving clown?

The contestants are annoying, the sound is inconsistent, the killers last words are drowned out by background noise, and the last scene is ridiculous. Oh ha ha, I look back so fondly on that time everyone got killed and I was trapped by the killer and would have been slaughtered except for one lucky break. Good times.

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