Thursday, October 17, 2013

Self Storage (2013)

Jake lives in a boat in he yard at the self storage facility where he works as a guard. One day he overhears his boss having a conversation with another guard in which he learns they'll be shutting the facility down that night and he'll be out of a job.  Angry at this turn of events, Jake invites his friends to a party at the storage locker where he has a pseudo living room.

When he short circuits the power to the electric fence so that he can let them in, an emergency auxiliary system activates in one of the storage lockers where the owner is working a black market organ harvesting operation.  For a reason that is never explained, the organ donors are all strapped to tiled walls, complete with shower heads which dispense acid that dissolves bone.  Ah yes, the one fatal flaw in their get rich quick organ harvesting plan was that they stored the donors under the acid showers.

Well what's an organ harvester to do on the night of his biggest sale ever with a buyer already on the way top pick up the now non-existent organs?  Well luckily Jack and his friends are right there, drunk, stupid and incredibly annoying, so you'll be glad to see horror favorite Michael Berryman target them.

There's a ton of padding in this movie where you're stuck watching these idiots party, and you'll absolutely hate the guy who wears his baseball cap at a rakish angle, has a charcoal hobo beard, and looks like he could be the rebel in a boy band. Also surprising is that this film was able to hire Eric Roberts as the owner.

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