Thursday, October 10, 2013

Netherworld (1992)

Corey inherits an estate in Louisiana from the father he never met, along with a letter asking Corey to resurrect him from the dead.  The letter mentions Delores the prostitute who can store souls in the bodies of birds. Yup, nothing insane about that.  The letter then delves into his fathers sexual escapades. Good god, I can't believe he kept reading it. No one wants to know about their parents sex lives, plus good old Dad doesn't exactly sound sane when he's talking about a lady of the night who can store souls in a canary.

Corey feels the need to go to local cat house Tonk's Place which looks like something right out of Road House and is conveniently located right next door to his new estate.  While Corey cosies up to the bar and gets friendly with the hos, what he doesn't realize is that.... holy cow, is that Edgar Winter playing sax in the house band? Yes. Yes, it is. Well there you go. I guess if Edgar Winter plays his sweet witchy sax music any young buck will consider sleeping with the same prostitute frequented by his dead father. Blurgh!

So you can watch this for Edgar Winter. Or you can watch it for the big stone hand that detaches itself from the wall, flies down hallways until it finds it's intended victim and then sinks it's big stone fingers into their heads. Yikes! The hand is what is depicted on the cover, but it looks better in the movie.

This is a Full Moon movie, but it seems to have a bigger budget than more recent films. I'm not a Full Moon fan, but this was okay even if the plot was pretty stupid.

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