Tuesday, October 8, 2013

World War Z (2013)

Brad Pitt and his family get in their car, start driving, and find the zombie apocalypse has begun. Thankfully Brad used to work for the military and even when running from a zombie horde, he is smart enough to look back, focus on one person who is bitten and count how many seconds it takes for the person to turn. How did he know the person was turning due to a bite? Why did  he start counting? No idea, I guess it's his super secret military training.

Brad and his family are evacuated from the infected zone to a ship off the coast where the zombie strategy task force is plotting how to regain control of the world and stop the zombie scourge.  After being told his family will be put off the ship unless he comes out of retirement and helps them, he agrees.

He travels to Thailand, if I remember correctly, where everything is fine until his wife - who sadly enough is not as pretty as he is -  calls him on his cell phone, which alerts the zombies to his location and ensures that a number of the men helping him will die. Good god, woman! How could you be so stupid as to call someone in a zombie zone?  More importantly, how could Brad not have turned his phone to vibrate before entering the zombie zone? Stupid man.

There are some nice effects, such as the zombies piling on top of each other to get into a walled city, and the make up looks nice.  It's a decent movie, but I guess my expectations were too high because I'd heard how great it was. It was good and I enjoyed it, but it's never going to be one of my favorites. I do give it credit for starting the action about five minutes into the film. I'm sure I'll watch it again sometime.

As usual, we are asked to overlook things such as a plane crash in which only one seat is left intact, people in the zombie zone who aren't careful enough not to kick things or make noise, cutting through an arm with one slash of a blade, and surviving an amputated hand without any pain medication and still being able to walk from the plane crash through town to the experimental lab.  Dang!

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