Monday, October 14, 2013

Camp Blood (2000)

I had heard bad things about Camp Blood, but decided to give it a try when I heard there was a Camp Blood trilogy. I don't think that was the best idea, but at least now I don't have to wonder how bad it is anymore.

Trisha and her friends decide to hire a guide and go camping in an isolated area. On the way there, they ask for directions from a guy walking in the middle of nowhere who tells them the legend of Camp Blood and warns them not to camp there.  You'd think they would put a little effort into where they went camping, but then again Jay is an angry asshole so maybe he didn't care.

Later that night, as they tell ghost stories around the fire, their guide tells them that it just happens to be the 20th anniversary of the Camp Blood massacre, and they are camped right on the very spot that it occurred.  The story is that someone came home early, caught their wife in bed with someone else, put on a clown mask, marched them both out into the woods and killed them.  No one shall ask why the killer kept a clown mask on the seat of his seat.

So now it's only a matter of time until the clown comes back and the death starts flying. The characters are either annoying or bland. Trisha runs like a middle aged soccer mom, wears baggy Mom jeans, spends half her time looking scared, and screams... over and over and over.  This one was difficult to get through.  But what I really want to know is why do women get topless for this type of movie? 

Poor paste job and odd headline font on the fake newspaper. 
Trisha wonders if this is a good place to camp.
Faces of impending doom
The sign of a low budget movie is having to hold the
machete so it doesn't fall out of your head after you die.
Get used to seeing this face. And what's up with the eyebrows?
Nobody notices the killer clown five feet to the side.

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