Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wages of Sin (2006)

Sue inherits an old house and invites her bryfriend and another couple to drive up to see it with her. Since there aren't any hotels in the area, they decide to sleep in the car and park right in the middle of the one lane dirt road they're on. Nice.

When they continue the drive the next day, Sue tells them that she suffered some sort of tragedy in her past that she's completely  blocked out.  Then when they stop at a nearby country store to get some supplies, they are warned that there's evil afoot at the house and they shouldn't mess around there.  Needless to say, the warning falls on deaf ears. But I'm sure everything will work out just fine. 

Since the only food they have is candy bars from the gas station, the guys are thrilled to find a freezer full of meat. Even though Sue tells them the steaks are twenty years old, the guys decide they know how to cook it to make it taste great, and they'd rather eat meat than chocolate bars.  So has the electricity been on the whole time? And even if it has, yuck! So glad they're willing to chance food poisoning rather than eat chocolate.  Sadly enough, it does not make them ill.

After a lawyer scare (where a lawyer raps on the window in the middle of the night), gives them paperwork and tells them the place has a reputation (and leaves without providing any info), the kids decide to have a seance against Sue's wishes. Nothing to worry about, even though Sue's been acting weird since they got there and she's hallucinating. 

As anyone could have guessed the seance doesn't go well, and soon the gang is running for the car. But since this is cursed land, they just keep ending up at the house, and you'll hope that they die. But it's never that easy, is it?  And so we're subjected to another half hour of misery as Sue works out her family problems with her friends, her families curse, and the ghost of a psycho preacher.  All the while her friends think, "thanks for the invite, Sue."

If there's a red light in your attic, you've either
got hookers or pure evil up there
Good god, this doesn't look good, no matter what the age.
The kids pondering the twenty year old meat.
When someone passes out at the Ouija, it's a bad sign.
Continuity blunder - it's dark outside the car....
...but it's light outside the house.

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